Ohaus 83998173 Valor ABS Compact Precision Scale with Dual Display, 6000g x 1g

Featuring easy-to-use four mechanical switch operation (right) with intuitive man-machine interface
Featuring selectable environmental settings, fast stabilization, integrated level bubble and adjustable feet, user selectable auto shut off backlight and user selectable from 0.1d to 2d auto-zero tracking
2 x (front and rear) 7-segment 6-digit 0.8″ high LCD with blue LED backlit allow two users to operate the scale simultaneously


The Ohaus V11P6T digital compact scale has a 6,000g capacity with 1g increments, an ABS plastic housing, a four-key panel with user-selectable measurement, and a backlit 20mm high LCD. It has a rear display for customer viewing of weight, and its readings stabilize within three seconds. The scale has four adjustable legs, a leveling bubble, and uses a calibration weight (sold separately) for initial balance calibration. It has a rechargeable battery power supply, with a charger, for up to 100 hours of usage. The scale has a low-battery indicator and an automatic power-down function that conserves battery life. The ABS plastic housing and 250 x 180mm (9.9 x 7.1″) stainless steel weighing pan resist corrosion. It meets NSF/ANSI 169-2005 standards for food service equipment and is European Conformity (CE) compliant for quality assurance. This digital compact scale is suitable for use in food service applications for a variety of weighing and checkweighing tasks.

Stabilization time Less than 3 seconds
Capacity/resolution 6,000g/1g
Application modes Weighing, accumulate, checkweighing
Weighing units kilogram (kg), gram (g), ounce (oz), pound (lb)
Weighing pan 250 x 180mm (9.9 x 7.1″)
Display 20mm high LCD with backlight
Overload protection 120 percent
Operating temperature range 14 to 104 degrees F (-10 to +40 degrees C) at less than 85 percent relative humidity
Compliance NSF, CE
Weight 3.2kg
Dimensions 110 x 250 x 307mm / 4.3 x 10 x 12″ (H x W x D)

H is height, the vertical distance from the lowest to highest point; W is width, the horizontal distance from left to right; D is depth, the horizontal distance from front to back.

Balances and scales are measuring instruments used to determine the mass and weight, respectively, of an object. Unlike a balance, a scale’s accuracy is affected by gravity and must be recalibrated if it is relocated. In practice, the terms balance and scale are frequently used interchangeably, and the results are displayed in a variety of units, such as gram (g), ounce (oz), pound (lb), troy ounce (ozt), pennyweight (dwt), carat (ct), momme (mom), grain (GN), and tael (tl). The empty weight of a container used to hold objects (tare weight) on the balance or scale is removed prior to weighing, so that the scale reads zero with the container in place. The precision of both balances and scales is determined by the requirements of their intended use, and can be 0.0001g or better for analytical balances. Precision is verified and maintained with periodic calibration. For commercial use, scales and balances may be certified by organizations such as NSF International and National Type Evaluation Program (NTEP). Balances and scales may include data interfaces that allow connection to a computer, printer, or remote display. Balances and scales are made suitable for the environment in which they are used with protective housings, sealed keypads, and lighted displays. They may have built-in functions for tasks such as pill counting in pharmaceutical applications, postage calculations in shipping applications, or weight-totaling in warehouse applications. Balances and scales are used in a wide variety of applications and accommodate a wide range of weights.

Ohaus manufactures scales and balances for laboratory, educational, retail, food, and jewelry applications. The company, founded in 1907, is headquartered in Parsippany, NJ.

What’s in the Box?

  • V11P6T Compact scale
  • Battery charger
  • Manual

Digital compact scale with user-selectable US/metric units and dual displays for customer viewing of weight
6,000g capacity with 1g increments for precision
20mm height LCD with backlight for clear visibility in low light
Rechargeable battery power supply with charger for 100-hour usage
Meets NSF/ANSI 169-2005 standards for food service equipment, CE compliant for quality assurance

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