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For your convenience Standards Laboratory Supply offers our direct line of products as well as products from our affiliate partners at Amazon.com on one site. Should questions arise this FAQs section is here to provide you with a seamless shopping experience .
All products sold directly from Standards Laboratory Supply, or from affiliate partners at Amazon.com will be added into one cart on this site for convenience to review before you decide to select “Proceed to Checkout.”  Any products we cannot sell directly will be transferred to an Amazon.com checkout cart in a new window/page.  All other products are only sold direct from Standards Laboratory Supply and will remain in our cart on this site for checkout.
**Please see “Note” in bold on checkout/cart page before selecting “Proceed to Checkout”.  It addresses issues your browser may encounter if  the cart has items offered through our affiliates at Amazon.com which will not allow transfer of products into an Amazon.com cart page “pop-up.”**
Once you have reviewed your cart and selected “Proceed to Checkout” a transfer message will appear.  Any products we cannot sell direct from our cart will transfer to an Amazon.com shopping cart in a new pop-up window.  You can review the transferred products before proceeding to Amazons secure checkout.  ** You will only see Amazons transfer message appear if any Amazon.com products are in your cart.**   Shipping charges may apply at Amazon.com.  After checkout, close Amazons window.
 If there are products with our logo Standardswordpress 72 in your Standards Laboratory Supply secure checkout cart, these products are only available for purchase here on our site through our checkout.  After placing your order you will receive an on screen confirmation and be emailed a confirmation of your order.  All orders sold directly from our inventory through our secure cart will include free shipping.
Thank you for allowing us to serve you.  If you have any concerns or questions we can be contacted on our About Us page.
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