Gilson 8-Inch (203mm) ASTM E11 Test Sieve, Brass Frame/Stainless Steel Cloth, No. 325 (45µm) Opening Size, Full Height (V8CF #325) Price: $170.50 (as of 17/07/2024 19:24 PST- Details)

8” Sieve, Brass/Stainless, Full Height, No. 325
Certificate of Conformance to ASTM E11 requirements
Individually serial numbered

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Conduct particle sizing procedures with confidence using the Gilson 8-Inch (203mm) Brass Frame / Stainless-Steel Cloth ASTM Test Sieve (V8CF #325). Built to deliver reliable sieving results, this test sieve features a No. 325 (45µm) opening size that has been manufactured in compliance with ASTM E11 specifications. The brass frame and stainless-steel cloth offer long-lasting service life. For added durability, the frames of these sieves also feature a stainless-steel skirt. Measuring 8 inches (203mm) in diameter, this testing sieve is ideal for analyzing medium-sized sample volumes. Its full-height frame allows particles larger than a 1/2-inch to move freely during agitation, promoting more efficient separation of large particles.

This Gilson test sieve meets the ASTM E11 and AASHTO M 92 requirements for Compliance-grade sieves. Each sieve includes an individual serial number and a certificate of manufacturing conformance. For applications that require a higher degree of accuracy and repeatability, Gilson also offers a Sieve Verification Service (available for purchase separately on Gilson’s website). The verification service measures the required number of sieve openings using an NIST traceable optical comparator after the mesh is mounted in the frame and certifies sieves meet Inspection- and Calibration-grade requirements, in accordance with ASTM E-11 specifications.

Available in a wide range of mesh opening sizes, Gilson ASTM test sieves are suitable for testing soil, aggregates, concrete, asphalt, grains, spices, metal powders, paint pigments, pharmaceutical powders, and other applications where particle size is critical. Choose from a wide selection of Gilson sieving equipment to create a sieve analysis procedure that is accurate, reliable, and perfectly suited to your needs.
ASTM test sieve designed for efficient, accurate, and repeatable particle size analysis; No. 325 (45µm) opening size
Brass frame and stainless-steel cloth deliver long-lasting service life; stainless-steel skirt offers added durability
8-inch (203mm) frame diameter suitable for medium-sized sample volumes; compatible with 8-inch sieve shakers
Full-height frame allows for free movement of large particles during agitation; measures 2-5/8 inches in overall height and 2-1/8 inches when stacked
Includes an individual serial number and a certificate of manufacturing conformance; certification of Inspection- or Calibration-grade accuracy available for purchase separately via the Gilson Sieve Verification Service

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