Deluxe Ceramic Laboratory Heater – Hot Plate

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Designed for laboratory use, this is a variable heat controlled, ceramic top heater. The heat is generated from resistant coils recessed into the ceramic top. Also included is a removable ceramic top plate especially designed for round bottom flasks. This style heater allows for much faster heating and higher temperature than traditional laboratory hot plates. Both flat and round bottomed glassware can be accommodated by this unit. We have used up to 2000ml flasks and beakers easily on this unit. Effective temperatures are from ambient to 600 F. This is perfect for doing distillations or extractions. Measurements: Height 6 inches Width 6 inches Removable Ceramic piece: Diameter 5 inches 1000 Watts 90 Day limited warranty. Instructions for the use of a Hot Plate. Heater: Bring the heat up slowly, until the desired temperature is reached. The top plate will retain heat for a time even after the heater control is turned off. Remove the sample after use to avoid it boiling over. Only non-ferrous metals or Borosilicate glass produces should be used with this unit. Failure to use these can result in the failure of the unit. Never try to heat plastic on this unit!. pH Probe: For pH measurements, stir the solution slowly and position the pH probe toward the side of the container, approximately 1″ off of the bottom of the container. WARNING! This unit is designed for routine, intermittent laboratory use. This unit should not be used with flammable or highly corrosive chemicals. Always observe safe and prudent laboratory practices when operating this, and any other equipment. Online Science Mall cannot be responsible for any problems that occur when operating this instrument outside the parameters it was designed for, especially the use of voltages other than 110v/60Hz. The use of adapters to achieve 110v from other standard voltage (220v/50Hz) will NOT be warranted.
Measurements – Height: 6″; Width: 6″
1000 Watts

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