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Methenamine Tablets for Timed Burning 100 per Bottle

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Methenamine Tablets for Timed Burning


Methenamine Tablets for Timed Burning.   Industrial use only.  Not to be consumed as medicine.  For use in required methenamine tablet timed burning “pill test”. Referenced in the standardized flammability testing i.e. “pill test” of textiles, fabrics, plastics, and other materials by governing bodies. (ref. International ASTM D2859, ISO 6925, U.S.A. CPSC  16 CFR parts 1630 & 1631 FF 1-70 & FF 2-70,  Canadian CGSB 4-GP-2, British BS6307)


100 Methenamine pills per bottle


White, round, flat beveled top


6 mm/.236 inch


150 mg + 5 mg

Burn Time

Avg. 130 seconds


After opening, keep desiccant in bottle, and store in a controlled temperature environment 59°- 86° F, 15°- 30° C


Made in the U.S.A


Standards Laboratory Supply Methenamine Tablet For Timed Burning

Standards Laboratory Supply adheres strictly to the official standard in size, weight and chemical composition set forth by the Consumer Product Safety Commission publication (link) which states in the Code of Federal Regulations part 1630,  subpart A, 1630.4 (3) Standard igniting source. A methenamine tablet, flat, with a nominal heat of combustion value of 7180 calories/gram, a mass of 150 mg ±5 mg and a nominal diameter of 6mm. These tablets shall be stored in a desiccator over a desiccant for 24 hours prior to use. (Small quantities of absorbed water may cause the tablets to fracture when first ignited. If a major fracture occurs, any results from that test shall be ignored, and it shall be repeated.)

Our Methenamine pills are sealed 100 per bottle in tamper resistant sleeves with cotton to prevent any breakage, a desiccant packet in every bottle, and a tight seal flip top lid for fast and easy dispensing.

We are the first to introduce two innovations in the market for methenamine timed burning pills.  As well as an industry leading guarantee.

First our Methenamine tablets for timed burning are the only methenamine timed burning tablets in the market with a quality assurance desiccant packet in every bottle to help keep moisture away from the pills.  Since methenamine is a hygroscopic material it attracts moisture causing the methenamine pills to splinter and break when lighting.   This desiccant packet helps to keep the methenamine dry to prevent this type of breakage.   No more starting test over due to breakage.  No more wasted pills.  In the rare case you have a pill break don’t throw it away.  Because we also have an industry leading money back or replacement guarantee.  Just remember to keep the desiccant packet in the bottle after opening.

Second we also introduced a tight sealing flip top lid for easier and faster dispensing of the methenamine.  We had the lab technician in mind when we developed this bottle as well as your bottom line.  Faster dispensing equals more pill tests completed.

Our Guarantee:  Even though we took the initiative to set industry leading standards in the methenamine market to prevent any damaged pills there are rare cases in which the precautions we took to ensure quality just wasn’t enough.  So, in those rare cases we have an industry leading guarantee that will replace any pills you might consider damaged.  Every shipment will contain an envelope for you to place any damaged pills within.  Once you have completed your prior shipment and ready to reorder, place the envelope in the mail, and we will take care of the rest.

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